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Borrow Flow
Login System
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Borrow Flow


Login system

Login system in left of page, as shown in Fig 1. Click 'Download Apabi Reader' to download and setup Apabi Reader. After you login system, you can search digital resource to download.

(1) If you are ID/password user, please input your user accout and password, then click 'login'. When first login system, please input user info in prompt window (What display in the window are difined in administration system).


1 If check 'remember me', when you login the system next time with same computer, you need not to input password again.

2 If ID/password users return all books, they can login the system with other computers.

Fig.1 Login Overview

(2) If you are anonynous user, please click 'IP Login'. When first login the system, please input user info in prompt window (What display in the window are difined in administration system). If your IP address is valid, you can login succefully.

(3) If you are readingroom user, please login the system with the computer which is registered as readingroom computer. The administrators can register a computer as readingroom computer if its IP address is valid.

Each usergroup has different borrows rules, memebers of the usergroup keeps to the rules. Readingroom users can keep book for 1 day, but no limit of book numbers.

Click 'Borrow Flow' to read description of borrow flow of the system.
Quick Search

You can select year, all search, full text search as search condition, input search words, then click 'search' to get what you want. Search results can be displayed in three types.

As shown in Fig 2, running 'search in results' can search more exact results in previous results. Running 'new search' can start a new search.

Fig 2. Quick Search Overview

Notes: 1 Search conditions of Databases with different metadata are different. Fig 2 shows search conditions of databases with book metadata. The administrators can set which one is shown as search condions.

2 All search means search title, creator, subject/keyword, abstract,publishhourse, i.e. all common metadata except publish year. If one of these fields match the search word, the book will be found.

3 Only buought full text search, users can use the function.
Advanced Search

Using advanced search can input complex search conditions, search one or more databases at one time.

Click 'Advanced Search' will get page shown as Fig 1. There are 'Search current databse' and 'Search more database'.

Fig 3 Advanced Search Overview

You can select any items as search conditions. The conditions can be joined with and, or. You can select more databases to search.

After you input conditions, click 'Search' to runing advanced search. Search results can be displayed in 3 types. Click 'Close Advanced Search' to end search.

Uses Type

Users can get resources of one classification by select one classfication.

Click 'Show Classification' to see Chinese Library Classification and common classification (Administrators can set common classfication). Click one classification to browse all resources of the classification. Then 'Show Classification' turns to 'Hide Classification', click it to hide classification.

If you want to know more about Apabi Digital Resource Platform, you can browse FAQ or contact us.
Tel: 86-010-62980529 (9:00--18:00 from Monday to Friday)
Email: apabisupport@founder.com
Address: Founder Mansion, No. 5 Shangdi street, Haidian, Beijing
Digital Content Department, Beijing Founder Electronics Company (Post code: 100085)

Q: Why I can not login the system while my IP address is in valid range?

A: Maybe you use agent server or users that login the system are already as many as IP user limit. IP user limit can be set in administrate system.


Q: Why the system prompt 'access denied' when my Apabi Reader register?

A: Maybe current computer user has no right to write on Apabi Reader install path. Please check whether Apabi Reader is installed on NTFS partition and the user has right to write.


Q: Why the system prompt 'Acquire file *.AMI failed, error code 3' when I download the book?

A: If your operating system is infected virus, the AMI file in temp path \dlibrary\temp can not be read. To solve it you can delete all on the temp path and kill virus.


Q: Why the system prompt 'Download file error' when I borrow the book?

A: Maybe you installed 3721 tool, and so on, and set 'auto delete log' (in Windows98) or 'auto protect privacy' (in Windows2000). Please disable the set as shown in Fig.

Fig Windows98 Operation System

Fig Windows2000 Operation System


Q: Why the system show 'timeout...' error when running fulltext search?

A: When first running fulltext search, the system must initialized index. It takes long times. If see the above error windown, please try again.


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